Appraisal Value of Your Patio Enclosure or Sunroom

Appraisal at time of Sale

  • Before spending tens of thousands of dollars on a sunroom addition, ensure you understand the value this addition will provide to your home. Some categories of sunrooms won't count as gross living area for your home appraisal, but rather will be valued separately as a lower-quality addition. Rooms that are categorized as "not conditioned, not habitable" may not substantially increase your home value. However, rooms that are built to be open to your house and are rated as Category V (click here to see requirements for different sunroom categories) will provide maximum value to your home. Speaking directly with a licensed appraiser can provide information about the value of the patio enclosure that you are considering.

Window and Glass Selection for Four-Season Sunrooms and Patio Enclosurers

  • While some patio enclosures are advertised as "four season sunrooms," these rooms may require that an exterior wall and door exist between your home and the addition. Click here to learn more about sunroom categories.
  • Energy efficient windows and glass will maximize the comfort and enjoyment of your sunroom. Double-paned, argon-filled glass will decrease the heat transfer through your windows, keeping the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Low E (low emissivity) helps minimize the amount of UV and infrared red light penetrating the glass. An ideal glass system is the "Split Silver Titanium Glass" (try a google search) which provides the optimum solar efficiency for a New England sunroom. Tempered glass will be safe in the unfortunate event that a fallen limb breaks one of the panes of glass.
  • The glazing process (sealing the windows to the frame structure) is one of the most critical components of a quality sunroom. If the windows are inadequately glazed, or glazed with inferior products, your sunroom could quickly begin to leak, the glass could fog between the panes, or signs of mold could appear. Choose a sunroom manufacturer that uses commercial grade, exterior silicone and a commercial grade glazing process.

Insulated Floor Systems

Insulated Floor System

  • If you plan to enjoy your sunroom throughout the winter, consider adding an insulated floor, which will both reduce your energy bill and add comfort to your home.

Hot Tub Rooms and Indoor Pool Enclosures

Hot Tub Fan

  • To avoid damage to windows, you should incorporate a humidistat-controlled ventilation fan to remove excess moisture from the room. The Tamarack Technologies TC1000-T sunroom/patio ventilator provides whisper-quiet, energy-efficient humidity control for sunrooms that contain hot tubs or pools.

Availability of Custom Features and Finishes

  • Before spending tens of thousands of dollars, ensure your sunroom is exactly what you imagined. If the sunroom vendor is pushing you to choose off-the-shelf styles and sizes, you may not be 100% satisfied with your investment. Consider working with a sunroom manufacturer that allows you the flexibility needed to design your dream room.

Disruption to your Home Environment During Construction

  • Some patio enclosures or sunrooms additions are delivered in kits and assembled on site at your home. These types of installations will expose your house to weather and potentially rain or snow and may disrupt your home environment for extended periods. Consider a factory built room that is installed by crane, quickly and with minimal weather exposure and home life disruption.

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