Manufacturer's Warranty

Warranty Check

Manufacturers vs Dealers/Installers

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  • Consider working directly with the manufacturer of your four-season sunroom or patio enclosure. Many installers and dealers have come and gone in this industry, causing heartache for owners trying to get warranty repairs made from inadequate installations. Dealing directly with the manufacturer ensures you will have a lifelong commitment to quality. Also consider purchasing your room from a company dedicated to sunroom manufacturing (instead of buying a patio enclosure from a hot tub company for example).
  • Working directly with the manufacturer also enables you to visit the factory and see a variety of patio enclosures and four-season sunrooms being built to gain ideas for how to customize your room. Pay attention to the quality of the rooms in progress and to the weather-testing quality control process.

Ability of Custom Features and Finishes

Custom FInishes

  • Before spending tens of thousands of dollars, make sure that your sunroom is exactly what you imagined. If the sunroom vendor is pushing you to select from off-the-shelf styles, sizes, and colors, you may not be 100% satisfied with your investment. Consider working with a sunroom manufacturer that allows you the flexibility needed to design your dream room.

Disruption to Your Home Environment During Construction

Clean and Neat

  • Some patio enclosures or sunroom additions are delivered in kits and assembled on site at your home. These types of installations will expose your home to weather and potentially to rain or snow and disrupt your home environment for extended periods. Consider a factory-built room that is installed by crane, quickly and with minimal weather exposure and home life disruption.

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